My name is Gail Weiss and I live in gorgeous Portland, Oregon with my husband Gregg.  We have a small T-shirt printing company called Phantom Chicken, where I do graphic work and bookkeeping. Needing to reconnect to tactile sensory projects, I’ve rekindled my love of sewing and quilting.

Quilting is an art form. I love creating quilts that reflect show-poster style art. Color and texture play important roles as I use those elements to create movement, flow, and emotion on my ‘canvas’. There is something special about the tactile nature of fabrics, it has become my favorite medium to work with.

I came from a background of extreme religion, then homelessness and abuse. I’ve struggled both with drug and alcohol addiction as well as physical and emotional well-being. I process many intense emotions through my quilting, it has become art-therapy for me. It’s extremely rewarding to create something beautiful with my own two hands instead of being self destructive!

In 2010 I joined the Portland Modern Quilt Guild and through that group I have met many amazing friends and learned more than I could have ever imagined! I started blogging around the same time, and I’m still here sewing to my little heart’s content.

I love all kinds of feedback! Whether constructive criticism, suggestion, or just to say hi… feel free to contact me at:

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