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  • New Project Start

    New Project Start

    Today is the day!! I’m so excited, it’s the day my brand new project starts! I am creating small Thread and Fabric Compositions once a week for 50 weeks, to push my creative abilities. The best part is that I will be offering them in a Pay-What-You-Wish format! I am making my first #TAFcomps post […]

  • Thread & Fabric Compositions

    Thread & Fabric Compositions

    So I have an idea that is competing with my capabilities, but I’m hoping to push through and actually do it! This idea first hatched in my head when I saw a post on Instagram by Victoria van der Laan. She is creating ‘fabric paintings’ and offering them in a PWYW (Pay What You Wish) […]

  • Juried Into QuiltCon

    Juried Into QuiltCon

    Recently I did some maintenance and updating on this site, and realized I never posted the big news! My quilt: Fairly Isleish was juried into QuiltCon this year!! I worked very hard on that quilt and made it knowing that I was going to enter it into this show. So it is extremely satisfying, after […]

  • Purple Scrap Quilt Finish

    Purple Scrap Quilt Finish

    There is so much going on lately that I have been really enjoying my quilting time. It’s so meditative – from the design part all the way to the actual quilting, and binding too. Working with fabric also does something for my sensory needs which helps keep me from escaping with negative addictions. It’s a […]

  • How Much Does A Handmade Quilt Cost?

    How Much Does A Handmade Quilt Cost?

    The cost of quilt-making can be a very touchy subject among quilters. Personally, I cringe when I see a handmade quilt being under valued. It makes everything I make worth less. This does not help my motivation to be creative. The flip side of this argument is: “I want to be competitive with stores or […]

  • Got the Rona

    Well… it took almost 3 years, but I got Covid for the first time this week. I’m on day 5-7? and am feeling a bit better – at least enough to write this! Here’s the thing though: I went to immediate care and my experience there has me questioning everything about Western Medicine Doctors (as […]

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