Quilt(ed) Portfolio

Thanks for checking out my quilt portfolio! I love working with fabric, color and texture. Quilting is my joy.

My Quilts:

I absolutely love working with fabric. Cutting things up and putting them back together is very soothing and therapeutic for me! The texture from quilting adds a whole separate layer of design and quilt-y goodness.

Actually, frustration was my first experience with quilting. The first quilt I made was a mess*. I didn’t know about rotary cutters or squaring-up blocks. I spent a lot of time working on it and it didn’t turn out how I had envisioned. It made me never want to quilt again! *Still the quilt I sleep with – and one of my favorites!

Luckily, that feeling passed and I wanted to make an art quilt. The internet was brand new, and I tried to find information online about how to do certain things like appliqué and binding. I found a group of people who liked quilting too! This group had recently started the Portland Modern Quilt Guild, and they invited me to join. At my very first meeting in June 2010, I learned about hand-stitching EPP (English Paper Piecing) hexagons and I was totally hooked from that point on!


I enjoy creating commissioned quilt works. Everything is stitched together with my version of organized improvisation based on the types of quilts you like. Feel free to contact me if you’re ever interested in having a special quilt made for yourself or a loved one.