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Hexie English Paper Piecing (EPP) Tutorials

Hexie Patterns | Illustrated Stitching Technique

These are hexie English Paper Piecing tutorials and other posts about EPP. When I first learned about EPP at my very first Portland Modern Quilt Guild meeting, I was fully hooked! That night I designed the Squid Quilt and have been hand stitching some sort of project ever since. I love learning new skills and mastering a technique while in the process of making.

As I’ve learned things, I’ve posted them here! The links below are for a couple tutorials, and other information about EPP hexie piecing.

Basic EPP Hexie Tutorial

Full Hexie Tutorial for book review: All Points Patchwork. This is the most comprehensive EPP Hexie Tutorial so far on this site. A quilt pattern for the project in this tutorial is available here.

Hexie tutorial 2. Another tutorial on piecing EPP hexies, written when I had first started hand sewing.

Hexie Layouts

Laying out the Jellyfish. This post has a short video of me laying out all the basted hexies for the Jellyfish. A pattern for the Jellyfish Hexie Quilt can be found here.

Laying out the Dragon. A quick post showing photos of the Dragon in the layout phase. A pattern for the Wood Dragon Hexie Quilt can be found here.

Laying out the Squid. A quick post showing photos of the Squid in the layout phase. A pattern for the Squid Hexie Quilt can be found here.

Sewing Rows of Hexies

Making hexie-rows for the Dragon. Sewing hexie rows together.

Taking it on the go – a hexie roll tutorialRolling up hexies to travel. Both posts show how I use long strips of batting and fabric to take my hexies on the go.

Sewing rows together for Jellyfish. Another post about the Jellyfish Hexie Quilt progress, sewing the rows of hexies together.

Finishing Hexie Quilts

Pulling paper templates from the Dragon. Pulling paper templates after the quilt top is pieced together, before quilting.

Quilting the Dragon | Quilting with French Knots. I use all sorts of quilting techniques on my hexie quilts.

Quilting the Jellyfish. I fully hand quilted this quilt using fine silk thread in some parts and French knots in others.

Removing the Basting. Removing the basting previously done with longarm machine.

Binding the Jellyfish. In this post, I show how I hand stitched the binding, making this quilt 100% hand-sewn.