I’m trying something new: binding by hand.
I figured since this whole (jellyfish) quilt has been stitched by hand, it would be inconceivable to use a machine to stitch down my binding!

Hand-stitched binding

I started by sewing the binding to the top of my quilt, just like if I was using a machine. I actually went around the whole quilt twice to make my stitch length short and hold the binding tighter to the quilt. I kicked ass at eye-balling a 1/4″ stitch!

basic technique for binding finish

I’m currently working on stitching the binding to the back… I’m about half done.  By hand stitching, I have more control over the fabric and I was able to get beautiful mitered corners:

I’m so excited to be this close to the finish line! After the binding, all I have left is a hanging sleeve and a label. Then it will be onto my ever-growing list of machine-sewing projects… so many ideas… so little time!

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Beautiful job! I'm so impressed, a whole quilt done by hand. You have more patience than I would. I hand stitch mine on the back, but I use the machine to attach it. Great quilt!


Great job and an appropriate way to finish off this wonderful creation.


Beautifully mitered corners, Gail! How exciting that the end is in sight. Can't wait to see this beauty in person!


Thanks Lynne – I would have never imagined to try an all-hand-done quilt before, it just sort of ended up going that way. I usually do binding the way you do it, but it was fun for this ONE project 😉


Can't wait to show it to you Dawn!

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