I just signed up for Rossie’s Process Pledge.  I will start with the project I’m currently working on: the Squid quilt.  It’s piecing time! After I got all my little 3/4″ hexies made, I laid them all out on a big table according to my pattern, without caring how the blues looked.  Here is how it looked:

Then I spent almost 4 days re-arranging over and over again until I was happy with the blending of the blue hexies.  It turned out to be a bit tougher and take more time, but now I love it:

Last week I started the big process of piecing the hexagons together.  This is one of the first hand-stitched projects I’ve done, so I tried a few different ways. Here is a tutorial on how I ended up stitching them together:

EPP Hexie Stitching Tutorial – Piecing Time!

EPP Hexie Stitching Tutorial
•1 run needle under back of hexie and through the corner, so the knot is under the fabric and not showing:

•2 with WRONG sides together I start my stitch:

•3 I use a ladder type stitch and go all the way across to the other side

•4 because I feel the need for stability, I flip it around and go back across one more time:

• then I run the stitch to the center of the hexies and pull my needle through to the back:

• from there I tie off the thread in a stable knot on the backside:

• and voila… the front tends to have no showing thread:

At this stage, I’m starting to consider the edging of this quilt.  I’m thinking a solid color fabric maybe… or I have some nice blueish silk with green strands running through it that could look nice with this, but I don’t know about mixing silk and cotton in the same quilt.  I’m also trying to decide if the edging fabric should be made into more hexies and added to what I have so far, then when I sew the straight edges, the hexagon shapes will be visible.  So much to consider… luckily I have plenty of time while I piece these together!

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I think "WOW" just about covers it, but I just wanted to add that I think this is SO beautiful!!! I absolutely LOVE it. It will be worth all the hard work in the end.



I love the time you took to rearrange the water colors it really paid off – it's amazing!


That is fanastic! I absolutely love it! I like what you did with the water hexies_ I think your days of fiddling paid off.


That was a great tutorial! awesome!
I love what you're doing … great!
I also like your blog background…


This is unbelievable! You are hexagon wizard!

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