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Dragon Progress

stitching the dragon
hexie dragon quilt stitching

I figured it’s about time for a progress report on the Dragon Quilt.  In the picture above you can see the strands of hexies I’ve finished in the center.  The strand I’m currently working on is at the bottom of the photo. When it’s finished I can lay that one back in the bottom opening, and pick up my next strand. 

Using some batting, I roll the hexies to keep them in order when I take it on the road to sew.  I started with the longest strands first, there are 6 that are full from one side to the other. All the other strands start getting shorter from that point. I have 13 strands completed, and I’m going to guess that part is about 1/5 to 1/4 of the way done.

Border color

Right now my contemplation lies in picking out a border color. That way I can get those hexies made and sewn onto the ends of the strands before I start sewing the strands together.  I’ve had a few people ask me when I think I might finish this quilt, and I honestly don’t really know.  My intention is to have the whole top of this quilt sewn together by August. Then I’m thinking about hand-quilting it too ~ and that will take even more time.

Trust me, no one wants to get this completed more than me! My motivation is high, but these things do take time!  This is part of the reason why I’m blogging about it. When it’s finished and people say things like “hey… I bet you could sell these,  you could get a couple hundred bucks for something like this!!”  I can laugh in their face and show them this blog.  Hopefully when people see the work that goes into these things, they will re-consider their statements. This is priceless to me.

3 thoughts on “Dragon Progress”

  1. And you were most definitely rocking those hexie strips yesterday! I didn't realize how many strips you already had together! One of the reasons why I am passing along a little blog love with an award that was given me earlier this week – the "Liebster blog award"! Check out my post on it here

  2. Your dragon hexie quilt is definitely a labour of love and is indeed priceless. Those who do not sew are clueless at the amount of work it entails. I am still in awe of your work and your determination to get done. I do hope you finish by August and even if you don't, it is something to aspire to. Keep up the beautiful work as your work inspires the rest of us mere mortals.

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