Okay, so… months after starting the Jellyfish Hexie Quilt layout, I have finally committed. I’m done – no more moving hexies around, so time to sew!!

strip sewing kit

I broke out my “strip sewing kit” today. It’s a great little “tool” for taking this project with me without losing my place in the layout.

First I cut a long strip of batting about 2″ wide, then a piece of fabric at about the same dimensions. I lay down the batting, and carefully place the hexies, in order, onto the batting:

I start at on one side the quilt and go at an angle. I think sewing the strips as angles will help even the pressure of the stitching when it hangs on a wall.

Once all my pieces are laid out on the batting, I place the strip of 2″ fabric over the top – this will keep them from sticking to the batting later.

Then I take a practice piece of quilting and make a roll out of it.  I use this to keep the hexies from bending when I roll them up.

Then I start to roll it up.

When rolling, I adjust the fabric layer to keep it from bunching up. When it’s all rolled up I carefully put it in this small plastic container.

There is a spool of thread under my fingers in the photo… it holds up the batting so you can pull it and the hexies pop out like a little Pez dispenser!

The hexies come out exactly as you put them in, so you know which ends to stitch together AND you can take it with you!

Okay… I’m super excited to be in this phase of the quilt project – now, hopefully, my progress will continue quickly. Hope you like my little ‘tool’ too!

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I love your homemade tool invention – so practical too. What size are your hexies?


Thanks Karen, after my first hexie project, this tool made me sooo happy! The hexies are 1/2 inch, and there are 2,445 of them in this quilt.


Great idea! Love your quilt art too. 🙂


Thanks Sandra!




Perfect organization!


Like your idea. What a great way to transport and keep in order.

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