Slow Going…

Slow going is the way I would describe my sewing ventures lately.  With the new year comes new plans for our business… so I’ve been spending more time on that end of my world.  However, I am working on a schedule to be able to spend a little more time actually stitching ~ even when business picks up… but we’ll see how that goes 😉

I did get the first stage of the dragon quilt laid out:

dragon layout in progress

I’m making a few color changes… for the “beard” I’m changing it up to aqua, and then I’m starting on the next stage.  That will be to pick up all the browns and rework them by pattern into a wood grain look as the background… then I can rework the other colors using the shade values for depth. 

After all that, I can pick a border fabric… and then start sewing them together. 
It’s not the quickest process… but I am enjoying it!





2 responses to “Slow Going…”

  1. 2ndAvenueStudio-Rachel Avatar

    oohh! the aqua will make the green sparkle… nice.. its awesome..

  2. Paula Avatar

    it looks great now!!! But I can't wait to see what you do to the browns and how that changes it up – love these progress posts

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