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  • Fairly Isleish

    Fairly Isleish

    Big thanks to Kim from KMJ_Creations on IG for helping me come up with a name for my new quilt pattern! She said my quilt pattern reminded her of the knitting patterns of the Fair Isles. I looked it up and she was right… very linear geometric designs. The knitting patterns are more limited, both […]

  • New Quilt Progress

    New Quilt Progress

    I’m so excited to share my quilt progress on the new project I started at the beginning of this month! I’m using the leftover pieces of my Kaleidoscope Quilt to make something brand new. If you know me, you know I’m a bit obsessive. These type of projects get me a little hyper-focused. All I […]

  • New Quilt Project

    New Quilt Project

    Squee! I’m so super excited to be starting a brand new quilt project! It’s a hand-piecing project using two repeating blocks and the same five shapes as the Passacaglia quilts. The whole point of this quilt is to use up as many pieces from my Kaleidoscope quilt as I can. I still have 3 full […]

  • Organization


    The last two weeks I’ve been working on cleaning and organizing my sewing and quilting space. It is also my office space for work, and it was a total mess and affecting my productivity. To inspire myself, I bought a new rug for the space. I pulled everything out into the living room, cleaned the […]

  • Down Days

    Down Days

    How are you? I feel these last few months have been flying by and when I do have time, I’ve been feeling very down. Could be the colder weather and shorter days, but I think I’m also feeling the world scream. Sometimes I end up spending my free time all stressed out and that brings […]

  • Project Progress

    Project Progress

    I’ve been working on a new project that I LOVE. I’m making great progress too, I just finished the quilt top and am getting ready to baste and do the quilting! It’s a commissioned piece, so I’m not sharing photos just yet. It’s hard not to share freely – but I wouldn’t want the surprise […]

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