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  • Crown Chakra Quilt

    Crown Chakra Quilt

    I’m making really good progress on my Crown Chakra Quilt. I’m double checking today, but I’m pretty sure I got all the triangles quilted. The main quilting is ‘stitch-in-the-ditch’, then I went back and densely quilted the smaller triangles to help show that part of the design. There’s also a peek-a-boo triangle at the bottom […]

  • Updates and Coding

    Updates and Coding

    This site has been my go-to space for writing about quilting and some of my health and emotional issues. I’ve been blogging here since 2010 and I’ve moved the site a few times to different hosting plans and servers. Because of all that moving and re-organizing, there were over 2000 broken links on this site […]

  • Paper Piecing with Freezer Paper

    Paper Piecing with Freezer Paper

    Freezer paper is a great paper piecing tool! I’ve been using it on my Crown Chakra Quilt, and it’s really helping to keep things all lined up. I’m using equilateral triangles throughout the quilt, and I’m able to sew them together without using Y-seams. Thought I’d show how. I use paper piecing to keep better […]

  • Prep Mode

    Prep Mode

    So I’m in full on prep-mode this week. I have a colonoscopy and endoscopy appointment in a couple days and so I have to do what they call: “prep”. I need to clean out completely before I go in for this procedure. Five days ago, I started a diet that cuts hard to digest food. […]

  • Try Again

    Try Again

    Okay, so I’ve been trying to write about Mother’s Day for about a week now and I’m not happy with any of it. It’s such a difficult holiday, I have a hard time staying out of a depressive state. Ugh. So I am going to try again to write about this without going into too […]

  • Crown Chakra Quilt Start

    Crown Chakra Quilt Start

    I’m so happy to have started the last quilt in my Chakra Quilt Series, the Crown Chakra Quilt! This will be quilt #7 and will be made of all white equilateral triangles. A white on white quilt using bright whites and what I’m calling dull whites. I’m hoping to use fabrics that are hard to […]

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