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Thread & Fabric Compositions

fabric scraps

So I have an idea that is competing with my capabilities, but I’m hoping to push through and actually do it! This idea first hatched in my head when I saw a post on Instagram by Victoria van der Laan. She is creating ‘fabric paintings’ and offering them in a PWYW (Pay What You Wish) format. Her work is gorgeous – so that is what drew me in. The idea of creating artwork that is accessible to anyone is very appealing to me. The idea of pushing my creativity to finish a project daily – and being able to ‘let go’ of things I make is something I need to learn to do!

However, my health is such that sometimes I just don’t have energy. I can’t even describe how exhausted I can feel. When this happens, my brain also does a spin into fogginess. My dyslexia becomes very prominent, I slur words or I just can’t think of the words I want to say – I’m sometimes incapable of writing understandably. This makes it hard to commit to anything… even if it only happens once in a while.

Making a commitment to create on a regular basis is a bit scary to me – but luckily, this is just personal. I won’t lose a job or something important if I don’t succeed. But I do want to succeed – so I’m crafting a plan that I can hopefully follow through on!

The Plan

First of all, I know I can’t create what I want to make in a day, everyday – for any period of time. So I’ve decided I want to create a Thread and Fabric Composition once a week. They are going to be 10″ square and stretched over a canvas frame – much like Victoria’s, but I plan to use quilting as part of the design esthetic. She creates 5 of these a week, I only plan to do one. If I can do more, I will – but I’m only committing to one a week so I can stick to my personal follow-through.

I’m also planning to offer them in a PWYW style! I will post on Wednesday evenings on Instagram where anyone can DM (Direct Message) me with their PWYW offer. I will collect all DM’s and run them through a random number generator and pick the winning offer. The person with the winning offer will receive a payment link via Paypal for their offered amount plus shipping. The art piece will ship the day after payment.

Shipping is something I have to charge for. I’d love to give this part for free too – but I don’t have that financial ability. For Continental US shipping, it will be $15. If you want to participate and you live someplace else, just send your mailing address with your PWYW Direct Message. If you are chosen, I’ll send shipping options and pricing. You can cancel your offer if the shipping doesn’t fit your budget.

Check out this little video I made for the description of this project. I hope to use some of these new-to-me apps, like Adobe Character Animator and OBS to create quilt-pattern-making videos. Another project I’m working on – more soon!

Video Description of Thread & Fabric Comp Project


One Thread & Fabric Composition will be posted each week in a PWYW format – for 50 weeks in a row.

Posts will be made on Wednesday evenings at 6pm PST on IG and BMAC.

If interested in making a PWYW offer, send a DM or email with that information by the following Saturday at Noon PST. No amount too high or too low!

The offers will be numbered in the order received and put through a random number generator.

The person with the winning offer will receive a DM with a payment link from Paypal with their stated PWYW amount + $15 shipping (US).

Thread and Fabric Composition will be shipped the following Monday.


My number one goal in this project is to not form attachments to my work and to be able to let go of my creations. This has always been hard for me. I think it will be a good practice. My second goal is to make accessible artwork! This allows me to make without thinking about money. It also allows me to offer my work to those who are financially challenged – like myself – so anyone can have a pretty piece of artwork if they want it.

So… what do you think? Does this sound interesting or fun? I will be doing this once-a-week PWYW small art production for the next 50 weeks. I’m so excited!


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