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How Much Does A Handmade Quilt Cost?

Handmade Quilt Costs

The cost of quilt-making can be a very touchy subject among quilters. Personally, I cringe when I see a handmade quilt being under valued. It makes everything I make worth less. This does not help my motivation to be creative.

The flip side of this argument is: “I want to be competitive with stores or prices people can afford”. However, I can find a queen size quilt set at big name store for around $35. That wouldn’t even cover the cost of materials for a handmade baby size quilt!!

When making handmade items, you are using a skill set you took time and money to learn. Very much like an auto-mechanic, a construction worker, designer, or cook… you learned a skill and should be compensated appropriately when those skills are employed.

For a fun read on this topic, Molli Sparkles writes about the whole quilt making experience with their “No Value Does Not Equal Free” quilt here.

Quilt Costs

I’ve been making these little graphics over the last few years to show quilt costs in an easy to read format. I think it’s fun to make infographics. This week I made a new one for the new 2023 year:

The amount of fabric used is very conservative here, but otherwise everything is based on averages. I also used my own timekeeping notes from many different quilts where I kept full track of time.

keeping time
Timekeeping for the hand-pieced Kaleidoscope Quilt -2018

The hourly rate is one I came up with by taking the average of 4 different yearly salaries that coincide with quilting, and getting an hourly average from that. I feel $15/hr should be the minimum wage across the board. If we can at least stick to that, eventually we will be able to charge more accurately for experience and skill.

On the infographic, I added the quilt cost at $14/hr and at $30/hr a fuller range of costs.

Quilt Commissions

Above is a quilt I made as a commissioned quilt. The ask was for the colors: burnt orange, burgundy with a pop of aqua. I really loved how this quilt came out and it was hard to let it go! I can’t believe I haven’t posted this finished photo yet… but here it is!

Speaking of which, I have openings this year for commissions. So if you’re interested in having a special quilt made, send me an email for a quote.

6 thoughts on “How Much Does A Handmade Quilt Cost?”

  1. This article has been very helpful. I have an old friend, in both senses of the word (I used to babysit her and she is now 65), Who is a very skilled and accomplished quilt maker. As a favor, she offered to make me a quilt out of some old T-shirts. I knew this was an incredible gift, and you have helped me estimate her dedication.

    1. Receiving a quilt is an amazing gift! You must have a great friend! I’m happy to shed a little light on what goes into the making of a quilt. It’s like a little hug from your friend anytime you want/need it.

  2. I am having a queen size quilt made for me. We agreed to the price of 450 dollars. Everyone who I have told thinks that I am insane. I have many queen size quilts but I have never had one made.
    I was wondering 🤔 Am I paying too much? You answered my question. Thank you,
    Steven Gallagher

    1. I would say you are getting a fantastic deal! My pricing is a bit more than that… it just takes time to do that much sewing -no to mention: pattern design/planning, fabric choosing and placement, trimming, ironing, basting, making a back, the actual quilting, and the binding. There’s a lot that goes into making a quilt! The last quilt I made was approximately 42″ x 54″ size as a baby quilt. The fabric alone cost me $110, and it took over 50 hours to piece the top. I haven’t even started the quilting part yet! By valuing someone’s time like this Steven, you are greatly helping our small business economy. Handmade items last A LOT longer than store-bought too!

  3. I think you aren’t paying enough.

    It depends on all of the costs and time but the last time I priced having the top of a quilt I made quilted by ab longarmer, it costs more than the total you quoted.

    1. Yep, probably not enough… but that’s up to the maker. I know for me, with inflation and general cost of living expenses, I need to make at least $20/hr no matter what. That puts my quilts out of reach for most and why I rarely sell one! I would honestly rather keep something I made than to undersell it – even if I really need the money.

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