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Phantom Chicken

I run a small micro type business called Phantom Chicken with my husband Gregg. He has lots of experience in the printing field and is also very skilled with a squeegee. Together, we work with other other businesses, teams, bands, events and other groups to help them create or edit graphics, pick appropriate apparel, and then hand print T-shirts and Hoodies for them.

If you are looking for custom screen printing for your event or project, and you need more than 12 items with the same design, please go to our website and fill out the quote request form, or just email us.

Information that is helpful to get an accurate t-shirt printing quote for a design would be:

  • Quantity of shirts – at least 12 per style and color combination
  • Location(s) of image(s): Options: Front / Back / Left Chest / Sleeve
  • Image(s) to be printed
  • Desired shirt color
  • Desired shirt style(s) -see our catalog here
  • Date shirts are needed by

Why Post About Phantom Chicken Here?

We recently realized that our business is considered an “event-based” business.
T-shirt printing for other businesses has been our main source of income for over 20 years. We have lost approximately 60-75% of our business due to Covid and the lack of concerts, trade shows, sports, and other events.

Because of this, and the fact that it is all just Gregg and I, we decided to mix our printing business up into my quilting, and add the online retail store The Phantom Chicken Gift Shop to help us pivot into the new year.

phantom chicken screen printing