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  • Art Prints

    Art Prints

    Things have slowed quite a bit business-wise recently. Our screen printing company has certainly been affected by Covid. No more trade shows and concerts – and those were our biggest sales for custom T-shirts. Since we have more time on our hands, we have both been in Create-Mode. Gregg has been making art prints in […]

  • Our Retail (Ad)Venture

    Our Retail (Ad)Venture

    It’s up… our online store is up!!It’s a store that combines my love of fabric and quilting with Gregg’s (my husband/partner)  screen printing ability.  It’s what I’ve been working on this winter to keep me busy. Pretty exiting! Our approach to business is a low-tech, slow-grow, and hands-on. We don’t plan on automating or investing […]

  • A Screen Printed Quilt FINISH!

    A Screen Printed Quilt FINISH!

    YAY! I have finished the screen printed quilt! I’m considering calling it “Orbital Spotting” but I’m open to suggestions. *wink wink* Super happy with this one! I made the blocks based on “Anita’s Arrowheads” technique by Anita Grossman. You cut all your pieces for one block with just a few rotary cuts. It’s a really […]

  • Screen Printing / Quilt Mix

    Screen Printing / Quilt Mix

    As some of you know, my husband and I have a small business printing custom t-shirts for local groups and businesses called Phantom Chicken. What you might not know is that we have been trying to mix this and quilting into one piece of work. We are getting close to a finish! I made a […]

  • Screen Printing for PMQG

    Screen Printing for PMQG

    Who’s this guy?  He is one of my most favorite people on this planet… he’s my husband and business partner, Gregg.  We have a small screen printing business here in Portland called Phantom Chicken.  Why do I have a picture of him here?  Well, if you notice in the foreground, you will see a super […]

  • Crow Pillows: Screen Printing

    Crow Pillows: Screen Printing

    If you didn’t already know… my husband and I have a small screen printing company called Phantom Chicken.  Because our studio is in our basement, I’m a lucky girl when it comes to customized printing in my sewing projects!  My latest project is a Crow Pillow. Here is the screen with the crow film on […]