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Rooster Quilt… Finished!

Rooster Wall Quilt
Rooster quilt finish

Woo Hoo!  Today I finally finished my Rooster Quilt!  I’m glad too because I’m about DONE looking at it. Sometimes when I am focusing on the same image for so long, I start to question every decision in the process. I would have liked to hand quilt this one. However, after getting ready for a long haul in hand stitching, I found out I couldn’t run the needle through all the layers of the appliqué.  So ~ it’s machine quilted, and I think it turned out fine.

Rooster quilt head

The face turned out pretty good ~ here is an up close shot.  I am so happy to be finished because I already have 2 new ideas for more art quilts!  One is a Cancer crab design I did for my daughters tattoo ~ I think it’ll look great as a quilt too.  The other idea is a squid quilt… we’ll see how those ideas pan out. I love accomplishment!

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