First Finished Crow Pillow

After going to that PMQG meeting all about Hexagons, I have been trying out my new skill!  I made a pillow using some hexagons and one of the crow prints from the other day.

crow hexie pillow

This was a fun project!  I really enjoyed a little hand-stitching to get the hexagons made, definitely a shape I want to work with more often.  For this pillow, it took a little while to figure out a good layout with the rectangular crow patch.  This was my first idea… and you can see how I pieced the hexagons together.

Crow Pillow layout with hexies

I finally came up with this layout.  The strip of hexies is for the back ~ it’s an envelope enclosure, and I like how this little addition really makes the pillow look complete.

crow pillow front and back

Once I got the hexie pieces stitched to the background navy fabric, I sandwiched it up to do some quilting.  Since the navy fabric is nice… but very plain, I decided to try quilting close together which made some really cool patterns on the pillow!

quilting the crow pillow

When I got it all put together this is how this 16″ square pillow turned out:

Finished crow pillow

It’s really fun to be able to use new ideas and knowledge!  Now onto the next project ~ YAY!







4 responses to “First Finished Crow Pillow”

  1. Christina Avatar

    I loved seeing this at the meeting, you did a lovely job.

  2. bellafate Avatar

    i think i love this best!!!

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