When I’m working on big projects, I will either obsess and work on it until it’s done – ignoring everything… or I’ll lose interest in the project and not finish at all.  Something I’ve been working on is starting projects and following through while keeping life on a normal schedule.   The squid quilt is  going to be one of those projects.  Luckily I can make the little hexagons anywhere, and they are starting to add up!

Even with a busy summer work-wise,  I think I’m close to having half of all the blues made, and I have a good chunk of peachy colors done for the squid itself.  I’m looking forward to having them all made so I can lay them out and start playing with color and placement.  They are like fun game pieces or something… for now, I just need to keep making these little guys. 

I had a great doctors visit this week too ~ seems my triglycerides went WAY down, fasting blood sugar when down, vitamin B levels are back to normal, iron levels went up, and my candida count went from 4+ to 2!  So my diet is definitely making a difference, at least in some aspects, and that makes me feel really good!!  There are a few other issues we’ll be working on and testing…  but for now, what I am doing is making things better instead of worse ~ and that’s enough to make me feel good.

So I will continue with the food journey and continue avoiding gluten, while staying on task with my sewing project… and keep up with work!  Speaking of which, I have a huge pile of accounting to do… better get to it ~

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Hi, you're doing great!! Keep up the good work and keep eating well too. I think your squid quilt is going to be fab!! I would never have thought of doing that with hexagons!
Stay well.
Kindest regards

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