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Working On Health

I’ve been working on my health pretty intensively this last year.   I’ve never felt really great, in fact… most of my childhood is clouded with nausea, head and tummy aches.  In 2000 I had my gall bladder removed and since then I’ve made a bunch of lifestyle changes trying to feel better.  Last year I was diagnosed with IBS and gluten intolerance by a ND and I’ve been avoiding gluten since.

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While I DO feel somewhat better, there are things that just seem to never change, and I’m in a frustrated funk these days.  Most notably, my energy levels are plummeting, and I don’t know why.  This last week or so I’ve been feeling like I’m in a bowl of pea soup and can’t hardly move without great effort.  Even my daily walks are getting harder, and more painful.   I’m seeing my ND tomorrow, so we can discuss this… but I’ve been seeing ND’s often for over a year now and not much has helped.  They keep saying it takes time to heal, and I’m trying to be patient.  It’s just so frustrating to work so hard and drastically change your diet and lifestyle and still not have much improvement… 

I’ve been having other symptoms too ~ like the pigment of my skin is getting blotchy, my ears are ringing constantly, my back is tremendously achy, my joints are sore, I’m just plain tired all the time, my heart races sometimes, my tongue is swollen, my throat muscles are tight and prickly, I have bad acne, I gain weight regularly, I’m constipated, my eyesight is getting worse, and I have bouts of dizziness that I can’t explain.   None of this is life-threatening, so I’m usually brushed aside by doctors for people with “real” illnesses… or so it seems. 

All right, so I have gotten better in some regards too:  I’m not nauseas all the time, or dizzy all the time.  My headaches have decreased in intensity and I’m waking up feeling much better than in the past.  While these are great milestones, I feel I have so much more to work on… and I don’t know how to work on it.  If I could “give up” I probably would, but at this point that would mean more feeling crappy and less feeling good.  I just hope that what I’m doing will finally make a difference and I can wake up feeling good and stay feeling good all day.  Wish me luck!


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