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Getting It Together

piecing the hexie squid

I just started putting the squid quilt together ~ this is the upper right corner. Super happy with how it’s coming out too!

I have all the rows made and now I’m making and adding on the extra cream and grey hexies then sewing the whole row onto the existing piece. With each row I get happier and happier with how it’s looking! Even though it’s all laid out on the table, it looks so much better when it’s actually stitched together!

I’m actually starting to get a callous on my fingertip, which is actually kind of cool! It helps by allowing me to sew for longer stretches. My joints tend to hurt much more in the winter than any other season, and all this sewing is taking it’s toll on my hands and finger joints. I can only sew for about 2 hours a day (spread out during the day) so this quilt may take even longer than anticipated, and my hands have been starting to hurt quite a bit. *sigh*

Wait! I should be happy I HAVE 2 hours a day to sew and stop this complaining – right? right! Also, if I curb some of my eating habits back to pre-Thanksgiving I know that can beneficially affect my joints and make them feel a little better. Avoiding dairy and sugar helps the most for me.

Here’s a pic with a few more rows I have finished up… and an up close shot.

squid hexies

squid hexies

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