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No Patience

I have absolutely no patience at all.  I finished my squid quilt and took some photos. The desire to show it off is strong! Even though I should wait till I get the hanging sleeves (and my little tag) on the back. I should also have it photographed on a nice wall with good lighting… but I just can’t wait!! 

  *happy dance commencing* 

And here it is:

squid quilt up close
Finished squid quilt front
finished squid quilt back
quilting detail back of squid quilt

 I keep staring at it and daydreaming of my next big paper-pieced project…. aaahhhhhh.

7 thoughts on “No Patience”

  1. WOW! So detailed and just awesome. I really like how you've mixed the different quilting styles in a way that isn't too busy or overwhelming while still adding to the visual interest and keeping the eye moving. Amazing work.

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