It’s decision making time.  I’m itching to make another quilt (quilting is way more addictive than I had previously thought!) actually, I want to make (2) baby quilts for boys.  One is for my cousin who just had a baby back in Minnesota.

Anyway… I want to make my own pattern ~ so they are truly me, and I have about a million different ideas in my head.

When I was at this point last time, I just started sewing and made a quilt, my spring quilt:

While trying to use up extra fabric I had laying around, this is what I cam up with.  I was going for the contrast of bright green and mahogany red that I was seeing everywhere on my daily walks a few weeks back.   I still had to buy more fabric to finish it… and I’m not quite sure how I feel about it yet.  I like it… but I can’t say I LOVE it.  Here’s the back:

It’s just all the pieces I didn’t use on the front.  The finished quilt is approx. 55″x70″ and it’s my third quilt that I free-motion-quilted.  BTW… a great site to get pattern ideas is here

Anyway… after making this one, I am dead-set on creating a pattern first and going from there.  At the last open sew day that the PMQG sponsored, I watched a “tute” by Cherri on how to make a version of flying geese.  Jenn posted the tutorial here.  Ever since I saw this I’ve had “geese on the brain”.

So I guess what this means is I have to spend some quality design time on the computer before getting all tactile.  Since I work on computers, I tend to shy away from them for anything personal… yet here I am… for the love of quilt.

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This is such a sweet quilt, I love the colors, and the quilting came out great!


It looks great Gail! Nice job.

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