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Spring Has Sprung!

Okay… well, at least it’s trying to.   Here in Portland, the sun has been peeking out here and there, but there’s still quite a chill in the air.  The bright neon greens of new buds are starting to turn to deeper greens and all sorts of colors are popping out everywhere.  Basically, it’s gorgeous out there!

I’ve been using these spring colors as my inspiration for the quilt I’m currently working on.  Here is how the top turned out:

Spring Quilt Front Finish

There was no pattern here (obviously).  I’ve had some of these fabrics for a while and wanted to use them up. So I just started piecing them together.  The colors represent spring to me.  I’ve recently learned that these blocks are called courthouse steps, thanks to Susan Beal and the presentation she gave at the last PMQG meeting.  She recently published a book called Modern Log Cabin Quilting. Her presentation had a lot of information on the history of this block and log cabin patchwork in general. She also showed many examples of this style and I was really inspired. I was surprised that there was a name for what I was doing (other than “patchwork mishmash” as I had been calling it).

The back is turning out much more mishmashed… BUT I’ve used every scrap of these fabrics I had! That makes me feel good ~ and now I can purchase some newer fabrics that I’ve been drooling over without feeling like I’m a hoarder.

1 thought on “Spring Has Sprung!”

  1. It is looking great. I was out walking a couple weeks ago and totally saw that exact combination in a cluster of 3 trees. I was kicking myself for not having a camera to capture them with our grey spring sky in the background.

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