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New Quilt plus Sewing Room Update!

brady glenn quilt

My last post was a bit of a downer… so I made an effort to make this one much more positive!

To start with, a friend of mine was cleaning out her garage and was giving away a big piece of foam insulation. Just the kind I need for a design wall!  Since it wouldn’t fit up my small stairwell, I had to cut the 8′ length to 6′. Which meant I ended up with 2 design boards ~ one that’s 6’x4′ and one that’s 2’x4′.  Check it out:

design boards

We used to have a big shark poster hanging where I put up the design board. That’s why there are little scuba men floating under the plant, see:

sewing room

I used a great tutorial on how to make these boards at Oh Frannson! Very easy to do!! Plus I had enough space on the other side of the room to hang my squid and rooster quilt:

cutting table

I know it’s really messy, but oh well.  I work there!  Actually I’ve started another quilt… it’s going to be for my new cousin Brady Glenn.  I’m using a circle pattern I made earlier this year, and I’m liking how it’s turning out.  It’s bigger than a baby quilt, about 45″x60″ but I figure he can grow and use it for a long time. Here’s a sneak peek at the top:

Brady Glenn quilt

and a patch for the back:

Brady Glenn quilt label

YAY!  I’m feeling better this week, and I’m getting some good work done, and I’m sooo happy to have a design wall for sewing ~ and a new project to work on!

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