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Quilting… finally!

I am working on a quilt for the “Find Your Voice” MQG quilt challenge.  I finished the top and back… and it’s all basted and ready to quilt!  FINALLY!   I got some stitches in last night (teaser pic).

villa villa kula quilt up close

This quilt has been a blast to work on.  Since it’s “my voice” I can be as crazy and unperfect with my sewing as I want to be ~ and that is making it really fun!  I know it’s going to be my quilt when I’m done… I don’t know that anyone else would find it as appealing as me.  Just hope to be able to get it all done and photographed by next week!

I’m so excited to get to more quilting later today… however, I’m a little stuck as to HOW I’m actually going to quilt the rest of it.   Oh well, doesn’t really matter ~ there is no pressure… and boy, does that feel good!

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