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Ona’s Quilt

A few weeks ago I finished a baby quilt for a new little girl named Ona, and I thought I’d share some more pics.  I’m really happy with my free-motion-quilting!  This marks the 4th quilt that I’ve done FMQ and my stitch lengths are becoming a little more even and I’m doing better with keeping stitch lines smoother.  I’m loving the echo effect right now ~ it adds some nice organic movement to the straight lines of the patchwork.

I work on a regular singer sewing machine… so the hardest part for me is munching the whole quilt up in the throat while I work.  That’s why this little baby quilt was so fun… it was small enough that I could easily maneuver it in the machine.  Plus it was for some pretty great friends of ours who had their first baby ~ so it was totally fun to make!

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