Sew Close…

Yep, I’m close… I’ve been arranging and re-arranging the brown hexagons for this dragon quilt for about a month now ~ no lie.  I am SO ready to start sewing!!  It’s close… but not quite:

The area that’s bothering me the most is at the bottom.  I have two fabrics that make “hills” because they contrast with every other color in the palate.  I’m still not happy with how it looks… but like I said it’s close!

My favorite part is the mouth area… and the breath.   So the goal is to finish up this layout this weekend so I can start stitching them together on Monday.

More soon ~

16 Replies to “Sew Close…”

  1. Gail, I discovered your blog though a quilting friend. can i say your work BLOWS me away? Your dragon quilt is simply gorgeous and I am in lurve with your squiddy quilt too.

    Your focus is a testament to your addiction, and let me tell you this addiction is an awesome one. Thank you so much for inspiring me to get back on the hexie wagon. I was hit pretty bad last year but it has fallen to the wayside. Maybe what I need to do is have a solid plan and not some amorphous idea that I am going to make a hexagon quilt when I get around to it.