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Stitchin’ Time!

To start… I wanted to thank craftgossip for reposting my last blog entry… I received so much great feedback, it made me feel so good and keeps me going on this project!  With all that inspiration, I was able to finish the layout ~ and now I can start stitching these suckers together.  Here is the final layout look:

 To sew the pieces together, I’m going along the diagonals and sewing strips together.  I found a neat way to make it portable too!  First I lay down a skinny strip of batting and put the hexies I want to sew in the order they need to be sewn in:

Then I take a piece of cotton fabric an lay it over the hexies:

Then I roll it up from the far end:

… and voila:  as I unroll it the hexies pop out like a pez dispenser in the order I need them to be in:

I can put this roll into a little plastic container with thread, scissors and my handy dandy leather thimble (that I could never live without!) and I’m off to where ever I want to be. 

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