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Hello Calluses…

I recently finished sewing binding on the King-sized anniversary quilt… and last week I started sewing the hexies for the dragon quilt together.  Guess what?  I now have some very nice calluses on my little fingers… it makes it SO much nicer to hand stitch anything!  I just wish that you didn’t have to go through a week of soreness before the calluses come!  Oh well ~ it’s worth it!

This is what I’ll be looking at for the next few months:

hexie sewing kit

I’m sewing this in strips that run diagonally in the dragon.  I’m excited to be at this point ~ now I just wish I could sew faster.  I really have to pace it though… my hand and finger joints can only handle so much.  I did find this awesome ointment called Traumeel ~ it has arnica in it and it helps my joint pain immensely. 

Okay, I’m off to do some more stitching…





5 responses to “Hello Calluses…”

  1. Laura Avatar

    I just found your blog – I'm in awe of your hex quilts. I've only just started with hexies, and I love how you've broken out of the flower mould. I've been wondering about your design process (I had a quick look, forgive me if I missed the post!) – how did you chart out the dragon and squid? Is there software you used? Any tips and tricks to pass on?



  2. Toqua's Crafts Avatar

    Gorgeous! People say I have immense patience for the bead work I do… I say you have immense patience for sewing all these hexes together!

    I'm looking forward to seeing the finished project!

  3. Paula Avatar

    can't wait to see your little kit this week!

  4. Nora Streed Avatar

    a drop of superglue on the relevant spot helps a lot while the calluses are building up. You'll still get a callus but it won't be so painful the whole time. I use it when I haven't played guitar in a relly long time.

  5. Jill Avatar

    I bet you'll have some serious calluses after this endeavor! I'm looking forward to seeing the quilt (and the calluses).

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