Woo Hoo… I just finished sewing the last strip of hexies together for the Dragon Quilt!!  It’s a huge milestone, and I feel very accomplished right now.  Next up is sewing the strips together, then I’ll take the papers out, add a border… and some hand-quilting too!   I would love to finish this quilt this year.  Here I am sewing that last strip… getting closer everyday.


4 thoughts on “Dragon Quilt Milestone - ArchivePost”


the last strip!!!?? you are moving on it – can't wait to see it all come together


Wow that's a huge milestone. I cannot wait to see it finished. Congrats!


congrats! amazing! woot woot! im doing a happy dance too..


I truly was just thinking to myself, "I wonder how the Dragon Quilt is coming along?" when I logged in and just happened to see your post of 20 minutes ago!

I am SO EXCITED for you!

I'm still excited to see the finished product!!

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