Gail at sisters

At Sisters

Gail at sisters

Thanks to a friend in the PMQG, I have a photo of me next to my quilt at Sisters! I’m so happy.

When the thunderstorm came and all the quilts came down, I was totally bummed! I didn’t really get any photos of the show… or my quilt. My plan was to walk around and see the show after volunteer time, but the rain disrupted my plans.

Luckily Jolene snapped this before the rain, and I now have a memento of this show.






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  1. Dawn White Avatar

    Gail,I emailed you three photos of your quilt a few days ago. Did you get them? I also posted a photo of your quilt on my blog. It (your quilt) is a beauty!

  2. Charlotte Avatar

    Thank God for friends with cameras. Beautiful quilt.

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