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New Quilt Start!

trimmed blocks

Oh man… after getting the top of the dragon quilt done,  I am totally excited to try a few designs that have been floating around in my head for a while.  This weekend I started a new quilt ~ and it has a lot of drunkards path blocks in it:

drunkards path blocks in process

I used a new template I just got from Jill at Tabslot. Way better than my old handmade cardboard template!!  Even still, it took a lot of practice to get these to work for me. I ended up making a 4.5″ template create a 4.25″ blocks.  It’s not too bad, but it can be better.  I may make another one of these in the near future, just to get more practice in!

chain piecing

When I started cutting fabrics for this project, I was in my sewing room ~ which is just an unused bedroom.  It’s unused is because it sits over the porch and so the whole room (including the floor) is  not insulated at all, and fairly open to the elements.  So it gets really cold in the winter. Just cutting the fabrics, my hands became icicles. It’s not even that cold out yet. I can bring a space heater up there, but I decided to set up a little table in the living room instead.

living room sewing

This location is close to a heat vent and next to the kitchen. I can hang out with the rest of the family while watching movies at night… AND get shit done!  Speaking of which, my family is the best. I’m super glad to have the support of my sewing addiction enough to encroach into the common area with my messy projects!

1 thought on “New Quilt Start!”

  1. if this is your first curves work, I might have tried a larger curve. 6 or 8 inches…
    but 4.5 is ambitious and awesome!
    everytime I do a small curve project, I go back and do a bigger fun one.
    Happy to see your putting "the pie on the plate" and using the machine to do the ease. yay! thats the secret!

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