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A Friday Finish

sputnik quilt

I finally have a quilt finish to share!! Baby Sputnik Quilt

drunkards path baby quilt

It measures 37″x 37″ – I used blue for the binding, and love it.  Had a lot of fun playing around with different quilting patterns in this one – some kind of sputnik-y looking thing.  My problem with this quilt was I used a chalk pencil to mark the position of the larger circles and the “straight” lines that connect them.  So I had to wash the quilt to get the chalk off… and some stayed stuck under the stitching.  It will probably all come out in the next wash, but I won’t make that mistake again!

drunkards path baby quilt

I like the back a lot too:

drunkards path baby quilt

drunkards path baby quilt

…AND I finished Zihna’s pillows for one of her holiday gifts:

quilted pillows

quilted pillows

 Here is what the backs look like, I used a star-shaped quilting pattern that made it a little warpy so I would not recommend for future projects… but it still looks kinda cool.

quilted pillows

I don’t know what I’m going to start next… I only have a billion ideas!!  I think something pink… I’m collecting a lot of great pinky fabrics ~ not my usual color choice, but I think it could be fun! 

Regardless of the next project… this is encouraging me to continue to practice, practice, practice the free motion quilting.  I don’t mind if the overall pattern is a little organic/wonky/not perfect… but the actual stitching needs to be even, and THAT’S what I need practice with, so off to practice I go!  

4 thoughts on “A Friday Finish”

  1. love the quilt (front AND back) and the pillows, Gail! I especially like how you incorporated different motifs in your free motion quilting. You are inspiring me to start practicing again on my FMQ.

  2. How beautiful, Gail! athr vibrant colors the textured stitching, the fabric selections. I really love all of it! All your "practicing" sure looks polished to me.

    (and I even like the warping effect of the star pattern)

  3. Love that you echoed the circles of the top in the quilting. I mark as I go along when quilting and straight lines often only need a fingernail run along the edge of a ruler to leave enough impression to follow. 🙂

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