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Quilt Top Finish

It’s so fun sewing on a machine again!  You can finish things up so much more quickly.  Here is the new quilt top I just finished:

sputnik quilt

… well, I think it’s finished.  It’s supposed to be a baby sized quilt,  part of me wants to make it bigger ~ but I’ll probably leave it as is.

sputnik quilt

This was my first time with a drunkards path template (purchased from Tabslot) and I think I did pretty good ~ most of the points meet up:

Sputnik quilt

Next time I WILL be purchasing some spray starch.  I think that will help a lot in keeping it all flat and perfect… but I’m still happy with my results!

Sputnik quilt

Time to hit the store for more spray baste ~ I’m excited to get this quilted!!  Not sure how I’m gonna do it yet…  suggestions?

5 thoughts on “Quilt Top Finish”

  1. I like your new blog look – very bright and cheery. Standing by waiting for the final on the dragon quilt. Long project but what a masterpiece! I've been trying some hexies myself lately.N

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