Quilting The Beast…

Yes,  I finally started quilting the dragon hexie quilt that I’ve been working on all last year! I’ve been quite anxious about it, especially since I quilt on my domestic Singer machine… it’s hard to maneuver the quilt in the machine to make smooth lines in my free motion quilting. 

So, I started with the border:

quilting the dragon
border quilting

Straight-line quilting with the walking foot, super happy with how it came out… I even added another two red lines of quilting in the red stripe to make it stand down from the brown. 

Then I started quilting a wood-grain pattern in the background.  I was using the same brown thread I used on the border… and had to take it out, it was just too dark.  Got new thread yesterday, a lighter more golden brown which goes with more of the background fabrics:

quilting thread

With the new thread I sat for a full day before starting.  I was/am a little scared… but like my hubby keeps telling me:  “don’t worry at all, it’s a ‘Gail Quilt’ so anything you do will be perfect.”  I love that guy!!  So I jumped in yesterday and here is what it’s looking like:

woodgrain quilting

I’m tightly quilting the wood grain background so that the dragon pops up off the brown, it’s going to look great ~ the quilting is FAR from perfect.  I keep breaking thread and having to start over… but I’m happy with it so far. 

So… Happy New Year to all you awesome quilters!!  Here’s to a new year full of goodness, friends and awesome quilts!






2 responses to “Quilting The Beast…”

  1. Dawn White Avatar

    the glimpses of your quilt are tantalizing! I'm looking forward to seeing the finished product. Happy New Year!

  2. Cassandra Avatar

    I'm so excited to see how it turns out! I love what you did with the border!

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