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A New Skirt!

skirt fabric

I had so much fun last night making a skirt for myself… and the best part is it actually fits well!  I got the Amy Butler Barcelona Skirt pattern and started with the A-line skirt.  Here’s a pic:

handmade skirt

It’s not a good photo, it’s in the mirror and out of focus… but oh well.  I did get a good photo of the fabric I used:

fabric pattern

It’s a navy print on white, and it’s a home-dec weight fabric.  I like making my skirts out of heavier fabric because I wear them so often.  I’ve been saving a few fabrics along with this one for making skirts ~ so I have a few more to make before buying new fabrics.  I used an old sheet for the “muslin” lining part and so the inside is super soft. 

Thanks to all my quilty friends (Susan!) for all your advice and support when it comes to clothing construction!  Now I’m off to layout a new string quilt. 

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