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Proud Mama

Luki & Noki Cosplay

YAY!  I just got the first photo of my daughter and her friend at Sakura-Con!  They have been diligently working on these costumes for 8 weeks on their days off and weekends.  It wasn’t easy, they had to adjust an existing pattern for the dresses and they made their own patterns for the hats and bloomers.  They didn’t let me help at all!!!  I added a pic of Luki and Noki to show who they were dressing as.  It’s hard to make a real-life costume from a graphic novel, but I think they did a great job!

I know that she is an adult now… but I will always have these moments of pride when I see her learn something new.  Sewing is something that she used to avoid, so it’s great to see her jump in and make something fun that she is proud of.

Now that I have my sewing room again… it’s time to get back to quilting!!

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