I was super lucky to be able to go to a Quilt Documentation Day that the PMQG hosted recently.  I’ve never been to anything like that… plus I was able to get my Dragon Quilt documented, and eventually it will be listed this Quilt Index.  The Oregon Quilt Project has forms and information if you are interested in the process.

The day was spent looking at old and new quilts alike, measuring them, describing the patterns, fabrics, battings, quilting details, and bindings.  You really get a feel for what is important in a quilt when you start looking at the quality of the work.  This quilt was a great drunkards path that was all hand quilted ~ and while it has definitely aged, it had a very modern feel

Here is the first “modern” quilt to be documented (it’s a PMQG group quilt) – which is so cool!

This is Susan’s Modern Crosses Quilt which is just so beautiful when you see it in person:

These two quilts were made by the same person… and I really fell in love with the more traditional quilt with the blooming nine patch pattern

AND… I finally got a great photo of my Wood Dragon Hexie Quilt!!

I heard that the PMQG plans to host more documentation days in the future, I hope I can make it to all of them.  It’s a great place to learn a lot about the history of quilts and other quilting goodness.  Plus it was really fun just hanging out with others who love these things.

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