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Exhausting Days

rita dog

3 weeks ago this coming Monday we got news from our landlord that he’s planning on selling the house we’ve been living in for the last 14 years.  BAM.  Totally threw my world into a spin which hasn’t fully stopped yet.

We’ve been scrapping together some funds for a down payment, to buy a place instead of renting since rentals around here are more than a mortgage payment would be.  Even with a minimal down payment, moving costs (and possible home improvement costs) are blowing my mind.  Still unsure of where we will be living in the next few months… and business has been slow this year too, so that just adds to the stress.

Then yesterday my husband and I woke up to see our baby Rita Dog all ready “to go”.  She was 15 and a half and had been hurting and medicated for a while with 4 fused vertebra.  The last month or so she deteriorated to the point where we were carrying her everywhere, but she still seemed like she wanted to be with us… and then she stopped eating.  If you’ve ever owned a dog through old age, you know how they tell you when it’s time…?  well, we heard her.

We called a vet who came to the house and so lovingly helped us say goodbye to our little beloved beast.  Rita let the vet do her thing without moving and my husband held her through the entire process.  Many tears later, we are happy we were able to share the love of a wonderful rescued dog and have a life together that will live on in our memories forever.

I’m very happy the sun is out today, I need it to clear the stress and sadness away.

rita dog

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