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The Sun Is Out!

It’s pretty obvious I haven’t been too inspired lately… otherwise I would have posted something more last month.

Luckily the sun was out yesterday and it’s been peeking around today too, so I’m trying to soak up as many of those rays as possible, just to lift spirits and feel better.  It inspired me to photograph my newest quilt:

Spring String Quilt finish

I call it “Spring String”.  It’s my first string quilt… the possibilities are endless when it comes to string quilts, I have a feeling I’ll be making more of them.  It’s a foundation paper method and I used newsprint as the paper that I stitched to.  I made my stitches small so the paper tore out easily.

Close up of Spring String Quilt

This quilt is for one of my closest friends who is also from Minnesota.  The colors are super bright and in these grey months, that brightness will be great!  The Seed Packet fabric was used a little on front, but became the main focus for the back:

Back of Spring String Quilt

Since we’re both Minnesota Grown,  AND she’s an avid gardener, this is the perfect fabric for her:

Seed Packet fabric on back

This was a fun quilt for me to sew, the back even more so than the front.  My husband just printed a label for me to sew on, so it’s almost finished.   I’m happy to be done with this quilt, and I’m trying to finish up a few projects in the sewing room before I pack it all up.

Yep… we’re definitely moving, still unsure as to where ~ staying positive that this will be a change for the good and trying to get ready for it.  Thanks for all your support!

6 thoughts on “The Sun Is Out!”

  1. Man do I love your quilts! I can also relate to a life of health challenges and living with pain. I’m sorry for me and for anyone else in that situation. I recently discovered your Spring Strings lovely quilt and I want to try to make one. Is there a pattern?
    Wisconsin Pat

    1. Hi Wisconsin Pat… and thanks! It does help knowing there are others out there going through similar things. I’m so glad you like the Spring Strings quilt, I made it for a close friend. I made up the pattern myself and I’ve been considering trying to write an understandable pattern for a lot of my quilts, it’s a little scary/overwhelming. I think you just motivated me to try to write a pattern 🙂

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