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So Much…

dragon hexie layout

There is just so much to write about.  I guess that’s what happens when you don’t blog for as long as I have.

We are now in our new home, working from our new studio (we print t-shirts), and I even have a new sewing space!  Everything is still in boxes, so no great ‘new house’ photos today.

Instead I wanted to tell you that my Wood Dragon Hexie Quilt was accepted into the NW Quilting Expo which is happening next weekend 9/19 – 9/21 at the Expo Center here in Portland.  I’m so excited… and a bit nervous.  It’s really hard to let go of that quilt.  It felt like leaving my daughter at the airport to go to Europe by herself… but at some point you just have to do it and move on.

I’m super excited to share this quilt with others.  It’s the best part about making a quilt… especially one that took 18 months to complete!!

I am getting the quilt judged at the show.  I had the squid quilt judged there last year and their comments were very helpful. I’m always interested in critiques by people “in the know”.  Seems there is a lot of judgement on quilts these days based only on design.  I thrive on learning more about the actual construction of the quilt and how to make it better, than on the design.  But that’s just me, and honestly, the design part comes naturally to me… it’s the actual stitching, piecing, and quilting that I stumble over and want to get better at.

Hope to see you at the show… and I promise new pictures next post! Here are some pictures of my hexie process:

Lots of 1/2″ hexies… and notes to keep it all straight!

basted hexies for dragon quilt
dime for size hexies

Getting the layout right took over a month in itself!!

dragon hexie layout

Stitching Time

This is how I looked for about a year… my hexies were always a reach away.

Gail sewing hexies

My daughters’ long pillow worked great as a form to roll the growing quilt onto as I stitched.

bolster pillow as holder

Back of the dragon… my hexies completely covered the paper hexies making the whole quilt a little thicker.

back of dragon hexie quilt

Picking the papers out… good thing I punched holes in them before sewing – a toothpick made the work quick!

pulling hexie papers

Finished Hexie Top:

Dragon quilt top finished

Time To Quilt

Fully quilted on my Singer after it was basted professionally by Nancy Stovall / Just Quilting

free motion quilting the dragon quilt

Super proud of my woodgrain free motion quilting pattern.

Woodgrain free motion quilting

How to quilt the dragon?? French knots to the rescue!

French knots as quilting

Finished top:

Finished dragon quilt

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