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Oh My!

2 months?… bad bloggy lady here!
Oh well, I guess I don’t have too much to say these days since I haven’t been doing too much quilting.

That’s not completely true.  I’ve been to a couple sew days recently to work on charity quilts. I finished a quilt top for one, and binding for another baby/lap quilt.  It really did feel good to do some sewing for those who need some warmth this winter.  Now I really would like to start a new quilt (or two) of my own, but my sewing area is a little smaller, so to audition fabrics I think I’ll need to abscond the living room for a few hours.  It will work out fine!

Speaking of which… we love our new home. I still have to pinch myself every so often.  At the last PMQG meeting, Ann Marie gave me this super sweet quilt which goes perfectly in our kitchen area:

kitchen quilt

It was so sweet ~ thank you!

You can see the new curtains I made here too… now that there is no wall between dining and kitchen, there were three windows that needed to match, and I was super lucky to find this home-dec fabric on sale at Fabric Depot recently – I thought the fabric matched my paint colors well… and for $4 a yard, who can complain!  I learned how to make a blind hem and I used drapery tape.  They are fully lined and turned out so much nicer than any other curtain I’ve made.

Other Projects:

I’ve been on a house kick for a while, we need a few things and I don’t have tons of cash. So I’m always trying to find things I can make better.  The cabinet in the photo was found for $15. I cleaned it up, I painted it, put casters on the bottom, and used the hardware from the old cupboards for handles. I love it!

Here’s another little project I’ve been working on: my husband found a set of four barstools at a garage sale, and picked them up for $16! I was able to redo the cushions:

chair redo

Amazing how much of a difference a change in fabric can make!! I love fabric.I am excited to be getting some of these projects finished… I plan on starting a new quilt soon.  I’m thinking of staring another hexagon quilt.  Yep, I’m totally addicted and am jonesing for a new hexie project. The only thing holding me up is a design.  I want to design something fresh and I’m not sure if it will be pictorial or more abstract.  Who knows… when it comes to design, I’m blank until it hits me… and I never know when that will be. There are a couple other quilt ideas rumbling around in my head. Hope to pull them out and make them happen real soon.

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