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Back At It

more hexies

Last week I stopped progress on the Jellyfish quilt because I ran out of fabrics I wanted to use. Luckily, I got reinforcements at the PMQG meeting on Tues *thanks!*, and last night I was able to get a bunch of squares cut… and another 50 little hexies made:

hexies and fabric squares

I did a count… I’m at 950 pieces made! 75 more to halfway – I’m feeling really good about the progress.

I’m thinking this quilt will look a little different than my last two hexie quilts where I struggled to find monochromatic fabrics so that the quilt image would be more visible. This time, I’m using way more patterned fabrics.  Should be interesting!  I’m also making extra hexies so I have colorway options to play with when I’m in the layout phase.

This week we started another quilt project. When I say “we” I mean me and my hubby – which is super exciting. We work best in tandem when it comes to creative projects – we collaborate well! I just did a fabric pull of solids for this project:

fabric pull

It’s kind of a “figure it out as we go along” type of thing, and I think I’ll share the journey. To me, process is the BEST part of quilting, and it’s usually different for each quilt I make. More to come…

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