One Month In

I’m exactly one month into the Jellyfish Hexie quilt project – and I’m happy to report I have over half of the hexies made already! I need just over 2000 pieces, just counted today and I’m at 1,042!

This is the point where I try to cement my other colorways. Here is what I have for the tentacles so far:

hexies and cut fabrics

yellow, light grey, red-orange, aqua, light orange, pink, green, and light purple at this point… but I still may change my mind. I only need 40-50 pieces for each tentacle, so I can make up a few other colorways and have some to choose from.

Thanks Juline, Cherri, and Cath… I think I now have all the blue fabrics I need for this project!

fabric scraps

Getting these little packets of scraps was so exciting – very much like a birthday that never ends.

This week, I also started cutting into my next project. I’m calling it:  *SPQ*

cutting square fabric

It’s a quilt of which I am unsure of how it will come out… a test of sorts. I started by picking my fabrics and cutting 10.5″ rough squares.

fabric layout

They will be paired up, to make 22 sets. They will be starched and ironed, then will be cut down to 10″ squares – then I can start sewing. Since this is a work in progress, or maybe more of a thought in process, I’m just going to share what I’m doing as I go along.






4 responses to “One Month In”

  1. Mommarock Avatar

    Wow that is amazing progress! I am working one hexie project now, but I have a stack of red, white and black fabric sitting next to me that is all ironed and pretty for the next project. I sit and dream of how I want it to all go together as I plan it all out in my head. I have ordered all of the paper pieces to go in the back and now I just have to organize all of the fabric in my head. I am going to do pieced hexies, so I am going to vary the fun a little this next one.. scary.. wooooo!

  2. Gail Lizette Avatar

    I dream in hexies the whole way through a project… glad to hear I'm not the only one! Pieced hexies is something I want to try – I bet they come out really cool in those colors. Try to think of Dory in Finding Nemo…: "just keep stitching, just keep stitching, just keep stitching" 🙂

  3. Dawn White Avatar

    Can't wait to see what your next project turns out to be, Gail! Are you going to tell us what *SPQ* means?

  4. Karen @ Pieces of Contentment Avatar

    You have quite an eye for combining colours. Love your jellyfish project.

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