Superbowl Sewing!


I love scheduled “tv time” like the Superbowl. To me it means time to sew! I was able to get all the blue/purple hexies to the left done during the game and two Dexter episodes, about 125 total. That’s a good day in my hexie world!

I’m more of a soccer and basketball fan, so I didn’t really care about watching the game, but I’m happy Seattle took the win! I’m hoping the Blazers can follow suit this year, that would be awesome, and would mean more sewing time for me!

Digging through boxes from moving, I found my box of used hexies from the dragon quilt, so now I have plenty of papers – a quick press with an iron and they are ready to re-use.

used hexie papers

I probably have around 350 hexies made so far – that’s about 35 per day. At this pace I should have all the pieces made in a little over 2 months. I guess we’ll see how that goes 😉






3 responses to “Superbowl Sewing!”

  1. Mommarock Avatar

    The colors are inspiring. I am currently preparing to do candied hexagons in red black and white. (my candy is different, lol). I am wondering since you seem to be able to crank them out in bulk..do you stitch them around to (paper or cardstock??) or do you glue baste them? A hint or tip to speed me up would be wonderful.

  2. Gail Lizette Avatar

    Thanks Mommarock! I order precut paper pieces to use as forms. I don't pin or glue them to the paper, I just hold the paper firmly and I only baste the back… I don't stitch through the paper on hexies smaller than 1". Here's a quick video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l02R_c1Wahg

  3. Dawn White Avatar

    35 per day — wow!! That has to be a record! I have some teal scraps I'll bring to the next PMQG meeting for you.

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