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Blocks… Part Of The Process

pile of hexies

Recently, there has been a new project in the mix. I have an idea that I want to see to fruition, but I’m not exactly sure how I’m going to get there. I plan to put an image over a finished quilt top using screen printing. But my plans keep changing as I move further through the process.

trimmed blocks

To start, I wanted a basic quilt top to use as test, so I have to make one. I decided to use the Anita’s Arrowheads technique to make blocks. It’s a really fun a quick technique to make this block

anita's arrowhead block

 I changed my size to make the block a little bigger than her original… and after a test, I went into production mode.

fabric strips
fabric pieces

I found some Lucky Penny fabric on sale at Fabric Depot and decided it would work great for a saturated colorway. I am purposely choosing dark and saturated colors because the printing will be more visible that way.  After bringing home these two patterned fabrics, I went through my solids to use to finish the top. I don’t have a huge stash, so the colorways are a little random. Random things turn out interestingly, so I’m going with it.

The scraps are pretty:

Block layout

After piecing these guys all together and doing some trimming, I have 22 blocks. I only need 20 for a 4×5 block front. 

block layout

I’ve just started this layout… this is not how it will finish. In fact, I took this photo to use to check tonality. When I change it to black & white and pump up the contrast, it really helps to see what I want to see. Then I can make needed changes.

black and white for contrast

It would help to get it off the carpet and have a neutral background, but you get the idea. From here I will move pieces around until I’m happy. Then the fun part will start.  I’ll write more about the screen print process in my next post on this quilt.

I’m keeping myself soooo busy. I have to – been having many headaches and pain issues and these things kind of get me down. Sometimes really down. Keeping busy and making things takes my mind off.

…and I’m still making hexies – aren’t they cute?!

pile of hexies

2 thoughts on “Blocks… Part Of The Process”

  1. Thanks Karen! The part I'm stuck on is the design I want to print… the process of printing something so large on a busy background is giving me a fun challenge. I'm going to see Kel's site now – thanks for the info.

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