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Getting In The Groove

pile of hexies

These last two weeks just flew by while I’ve been stitching the Jellyfish together!  I’ve had a few people ask how I stitch my hexies, and I use two different styles. To sew my hexies into rows, I use a ladder stitch, to sew the rows together, I use a whip stitch.

I’m not quite ready to start stitching row to row, but I thought I’d share how I stitch the hexies into rows or strips:

First I tie a knot a little left of center below the stitch line. Then I take a small stitch and run my needle up and out, now I’m ready to grab my next hexie

hexie row stitching

I put the hexies together with the WRONG sides together and a ladder stitch out to the end of the first hexie.

hexie stitching

 Then I flip my hexies over and ladder stitch all the way to the other end:

hexie stitching

 I flip the hexies one more time and stitch back to just left of center:

hexie stitching

I ‘open’ the hexies and put the needle to the back, right where the last stitch was. Try not to pick up any fabric here – if you do, that stitch might be visible:

hexie stitching

On the back side I take a small stitch on the new hexie where the needle came through

hexie stitching

and tie a knot and run the needle under the knot to the other end of the hexie where I start the process again.

hexie stitching

 For me, this leaves no thread showing on front, and the seam is nice and tight with no knots on the ends.  This leaves those points nice and open for when I sew the rows together

hexie stitching

So, this has been what I’ve been doing with my free time. Not too exciting, but the progress has been good and steady.

4 thoughts on “Getting In The Groove”

  1. Bonjour, est ce que vous pourriez me dire ou traduire la façon de coudre deux hex, on ne voit pas de points quand vous ouvrez !!! Dans mon travail, malgré que je fais attention on voit les points à l’endroit. Vous ne faites pas de surjet? C’est quoi un “ladder stich”? Merci beaucoup Teresa

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