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Starting Something New!

jellyfish quilt progress shot

Time to break out a new pattern from my idea list. The plan is to follow up on the block I did for a GenQ Magazine block builder challenge they had in June. The name of my block is “braces” because that’s what I see when I put a few of them together.

Braces block in Gen Q Magazine

It took about 4 hours to figure out how to put the block together, how I wanted to piece the blocks within the quilt, as well as pick and cut my fabrics.

Here are my cut fabrics for the Braces Pattern Quilt:

cut fabrics

After reading this blog post by Molli Sparkles about the value of quilts, and talking to other quilters, I’ve decided it’s important to keep better track of my time spent when sewing AND designing. It’s really important to know the value of your work – even if you decide to give it away. It’s important the receiver has an idea of what it’s worth. As craftspeople, designers, and artists – we as quilters need to become educators as well. Here is another great blogpost from Sam Hunter on great comebacks to those who still don’t understand the value in what we do… my favorite is:  “Can I get a quilt as a donation? It will be great exposure for you.”Did you know you can die of exposure?

So… based with these inspirational thoughts, I pulled out a timer and have it next to my machine. I’m all ready to chainpiece away until I get all my blocks made. I’m so curious to see how long it will take! I’ve always just guesstimated my time, it will be good to have an accurate account.

By the way, I’m still stitching my rows together on the Jellyfish. This is progress as of 8.23.14. I’ve gotten a few more rows done since. There is an All-Day-Sew for PMQG next Saturday, and I’m trying to work it so I can maybe finish it there! It would be super cool to finish with friends around, but I’m not going to get my hopes up yet. There is still a bit to do before the finish line.

Hexie Jellyfish progress

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