jellyfish quilt top

Jellyfish Hexie Top Finished!

Finished jellyfish hexie top

I finished the hexie Jellyfish top!!!! Happy dance!

I waited to post pics until I had showed this to my guild last night – I was really excited to show it in person. The PMQG is the best group ever! I’m very happy with how it turned out, the colors are vibrant and the background works. My favorite parts are the “bubbles” in the background… and how it looks almost glow-in-the-dark in some areas… and so many friends donated scraps for this quilt. Every time I look at it, I’m reminded of the extremely sweet people in my life.

This was started January 14, 2014. Today is September 19th… so nine months of work so far. There are 2373 1/2″ hexies in this piece, and I used (re-used) papers from Now it’s time to think about quilting. So much to ponder…

jellyfish hexie top





10 responses to “Jellyfish Hexie Top Finished!”

  1. anyadahab Avatar

    I love this! It has turned out so beautifully!

  2. Karen @ Pieces of Contentment Avatar

    It's amazing Gail! Your use of fabric to cleverly include many extra details (like the bubbles) is inspirational. I hope you share some more close ups so we can better appreciate these details.

  3. Dawn White Avatar

    It is fabulous, Gail!! Please do post more photos!

  4. Kim Avatar

    Wow, phenomenal! Your fabric choices add such texture to the piece, brilliantly done!

  5. Gail Lizette Avatar

    Thanks Karen, I'll be taking more close-ups soon!

  6. Gail Lizette Avatar

    Thanks Julia, I know you know how addictive these things are!

  7. Gail Lizette Avatar

    You are so sweet, thanks! I appreciate all of your encouragement!

  8. Gail Lizette Avatar

    Thanks Kim, laying out the hexie pieces so the patterns work is the hardest, but most fun part of the process.

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