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Braces Quilt Finish

quilt thread

Oh how I do love finishing a quilt! Time for a little celebration, and right now, I’ll take any reason to celebrate:

braces quilt finish

 I made the pattern from the block I entered in the GenQ Magazine Block Builder Challenge in June this summer. It really felt great following through on this project. I’m thinking of drafting this pattern… any interest?

Generation Q magazine

And here’s how the back turned out:

braces quilt back

I really love piecing all the leftovers from the front to make a back… although I spend more time on the backs than the fronts sometimes. What is really cool about this quilt is that thanks to a friend who has one, I got to use a real longarm to do the quilting!! It was my first longarming experience and I think I did okay… but actually quilting on it helped me understand how to rethink my quilting options for this machine. It is a very different process than using a domestic machine. Here’s a close-up:

braces quilt close up

I just mimicked the block pattern for the quilting, and free-handed it all. I really like how it came out… for my first try. I’m looking forward to building this skill set as much as possible. The best part about it is that no basting was required!

So now that THAT is finished, I’ve started a gift for the PMQG holiday swap… we exchanged fabrics at our last meeting and I’m trying to use every little scrap to make a nice pillow 🙂 Can’t wait to share photos after our holiday party!

I’ve also secured a few spools of floss to start doing French Knots on the Jellyfish. Time to get busy!

box of thread

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